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Cheese Terminator: Reloaded

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Game history


Maybe you remember an old game from Microsoft called Cheese Terminator (released in 1992)?

Well, once, someone found a "voucher" (or some other coupon) for this game and decided to send it to Microsoft. Article (in polish) about it available here.

Microsoft decided to surprise this person and asked me to create a version of the game for Windows Phone (because they still existed at that time). Another polish article here.

So, in 2015, still as a student, I made the game in two sleepless nights (I remember it was right after the Poznan Game Arena event, so I was really into gamedev). Overall, it was a cool marketing move, the game was available for some time and then removed, but...

In 2022 someone put his efforts and left a comment on my blog about the same topic.

Apparently someone has seen a video of Michael MJD (retro YouTuber) who made a video and a lot of people would like the game I made to come back in some form.

I also found a Reddit thread where someone couldn't access the game.

Luckily I had a copy of the game codebase and because it was developed in Unity, it was super easy to create a WebGL version that is now available on my blog.

Hey Microsoft!

I have tried to contact Microsoft about this topic numerous times, unfortunately with no success. Because of endlessly hitting the wall while trying to get the permission, I decided to publish the game myself on my blog for the community to enjoy.

2024 Updates

  • Michael MJD created a new video on this game alone, thanks for the appreciation, you've got an amazing community!
  • There has been an issue with an unbeatable level #11 (oops!). It is fixed now. Thanks for everyone reporting!


  1. Paul

    Really cool to be able to play this version now. Thanks again!

  2. Itsarian

    good game

  3. hexagonist

    I love polish people

  4. Owl

    Would it be possible to release a download version? I’m curious about making custom levels for it.

  5. someone

    wow, great game! its really fun to play at school lol.

  6. ohhhil


  7. MR

    This is really cool game and glad you revived this lost game. Apparently there’s an unfinishable level contains 6 cheeses but only 5 dots, even if you fill all the dots the game not count it and I can’t progress to next level.

  8. Oliver Everest

    I wish you can make this as a standalone offline game and upload it to something like itch.io or something like that. Great game BTW.

  9. Vital

    this is a game and i love it

  10. Vlad

    Level 11 misses the point to deliver cheese which is present in original game https://i.imgur.com/SDiHIPe.png

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