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Visual Studio build sounds


Did you know that you can setup Visual Studio sounds being played on build success or fail? You can have at least two reasons to do that:
- To hear when the process is finished even if you are away from the keyboard.
- This may be fun!

This is really short article on how to achieve that!


Setting up is really easy:
1. Open: Control Panel → Sound → Sounds.
2. Find Microsoft Visual Studio section in Program Events list.
3. Change sounds accordingly to your preferences.
Visual Studio Sound Settings
4. Surprise your friends with your custom Visual Studio sounds! 😉


This may be funnier than I can probably imagine right now, so just out of curiosity: please share which sounds you have picked up in the comments section below. I hope you (and you coworkers) are going to enjoy this little addon to your workday.


I am sorry for your annoying colleague in the coworking space ^^

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